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Innovations in Marketing and Strategic Communications

Key Expertise

We develop compelling programs, educational materials and curricula that promote the learning process for schools, businesses and government agencies. We provide dynamic presentations that deliver job readiness, and workforce skills. Our initiatives stimulate learning and student development. We offer experienced, authoritative lecturers that engage their audience. 
Trends change quickly in the youth market. We keep up to date on young people's interests in music, fashion, pop culture, and social media.

Since 2006, we have published RIPPLE Magazine (formerly RIP Magazine) targeting young people living in urban areas across the East Coast. Now published exclusively online, RIPPLE is a cultural enrichment guide for youth and young adults. RIPPLE articles cover subjects that enhance education and stimulate a variety of academic, artistic and recreational activities. The magazine also features articles, artwork and poetry submitted by its readers.
We develop engaging and stimulating content for healthcare providers and health organizations. We have a strong background in wellness, disease prevention, nutrition, smoking cessation, and stress management. We instill commitment to health by emphasizing a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle in clear, relatable messages.
Multicultural Marketing
A unique culture is a part of us all. We understand how to make messages relate to the cultural nuances of your audience. We incorporate their value system. We reach them where it counts – in their homes and communities.
Public Policy
We are advocates for your issue. We frame your position as a clear, viable solution. We educate policymakers. We engage the public. We galvanize the media. We gain social commitment to your cause. We trigger change.
Community Outreach
Our grassroots campaigns win over public leaders. We gain the power of their endorsement. We connect with the public. We set up forums to provide two-way dialogues: Communities express their concerns; you hear their views and respond. We bring the public into the process and involve them in the solution. We make the community your advocates.
Emergency Management
We excel at providing scalable emergency planning for government agencies, organizations, and businesses. Our plans prepare you for response and mitigation of any type of public emergency situation or natural disaster.

We guide you in identifying potential risks. We provide training to prepare for and anticipate emergencies before they occur. We arrange partnerships in advance to provide hair-trigger first response. We demonstrate to the media and the public how you are providing the best possible solutions for an unexpected event.